About Us

Mucho Dinero, (Freddie James Hanson, Jr.) born November 27, 1960, age 63, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.
Spanish nick-named ‘Mucho Dinero’ by Los Angeles, California female Latinos.

For (driving white Cadillac Escalades) during the early 2000’s. Mucho Dinero is an American entrepreneur, who founded Walmart Ranch.com in 2022.

Walmart Ranch/Service Finder is a business listing, directory, and a leads generating platform. Created for small business owners. It helps to convert prospective Shoppers, into becoming paying customers.

Web-based services typically used are a combination of marketing strategies, advertising, website optimization, and social media posts. (NOT affiliated with Walmart Inc.).


You don’t have to search countless websites, business directories or call multiple companies for job costs, estimates, any more! Send the job request details you’ll receive estimates from local companies and Service Finders for you to select and shop with.